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Money: Dram
Visa (Dutch passport): no visa required
Daybudget: 30 euros (pp)

Since Armenia was just a stop for us to fix our visa for Iran and rest for a while, we didn’t have intentions to actually visit other places except Yerevan. Since we were there for only a week, we didn’t really got to know the Armenian people, their culture or food. So here is just a short sum-up of things we noticed during our 1-week stay.

1. The rumour is true ladies & gentlemen. Armenian women are extremely beautiful and stylish. It’s like they are always overdressed as if they’re on their way to a party occasion: Sexy (sometimes too sexy I must say) dresses, high heels, perfect hair & make-up, etc. We even spotted some female officers in uniform who were looking dashing! Let’s just say Farhang was happy to walk around and enjoy watching female beauties. The men on the other hand, I must say, were less lucky with their genes. Female gender won this one.

2. It seemed like men were used to the beautiful women, so you wouldn’t experience unwanted attention, disrespectful staring or comments towards women.

3. Good drivers in contrast to Georgia where you fear for your life in a marshrutka. People almost always stop for orange traffic lights.

4. Everything is really well-organised similar to Western cities: organised traffic, good infrastructure, clean and enough eating options in every corner of the streets. Lots of international food chains were present, but no McDonald’s which was a bit strange.

5. We didn’t really interact a lot with Armenian people, but they seemed very polite and friendly.

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