Hello, Hoi, Salaam, Namaste! For those who don’t know me, my name is Mursal Ahmadi, 27 years young, with awesome Afghan roots but raised in the Netherlands since my eighth. I recently earned my Master’s degree in Psychology. I loved the study and I really learned a lot of it, but I’m hesitant of pursuing a Psychology career. During my internship I got to work as a psychologist and I realised it may not be my thing since I had difficulty dealing with all the negativity. I’m really hoping to find inspiration the upcoming years and find creative ways to earn my money. My passions are traveling, Awesome Worldtrip obviously and performing arts! Let me be occupied with these things and I’m one happy girl. The dream is to BE someone who achieved something in life, someone I can be proud of. That I can be an example at my older age and tell my children/grandchildren that I lived my life my own way. That I was someone who pursued her passions and neglected the obstacles in her environment.

I am a positive and ambitious person who is always in for new activities and experiences. I love crossing limits and taking risks with the unknown. There’s this adrenaline rush when I see videos of paragliders, skydivers, bungeejumpers and wingsuit flyers. I will do all those things once in my life for sure, I have promised myself that!  My greatest fear considering extreme sports is water. I need to get over that and go for a dive, that’s it.

I’d love to experience the ultimate freedom during this worldtrip; having no responsibilities and obligations, meeting new people with different cultures and customs, tasting foreign food, just enjoy to the fullest and make my dreams come true! Life is short, so I am going to make it count!