Ladyboys & Ping Pong Shows In Bangkok

I would rather like Farhang to write this blog since he was the one staring at all those ladyboys thinking they were beautiful girls haha*. I had too much fun every time he was praising their beauty. And it’s no joke, they actually are super pretty and oh so feminine. The face, make-up, hair and clothing, everything is matched perfectly. Of course this comes with a price and many of them spend lots of money on cosmetic surgery to look like that.

How do you recognise them then?

1. When they’re totally overdressed or dressed too sexy and/or with too much make-up. Typical asian women in Thailand are very simple and natural looking.

2. The body language; overact and walk unnecessarily feminine

3. Anatomy; the wide shoulders, Adam’s apple (if not removed), low voice

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Photo taken by

It goes so far that actual (asian) women are jealous of them for being so beautiful and sexy. For me personally, they were more like an attraction and I was completely overdazzled and amazed how it was even possible. But actually it was logical in a way since (South-East)Asian men do lack testosterone in comparison with other world regions (with all due respect but it’s true) and therefore have relatively more female features (small-built, not over haired, etc) so they make hell of beautiful women when being transgender.

The most beautiful ones do ladyboy-shows where you can admire their beauty and musical talents. There are many options in Bangkok and you should definitely visit one when you’re around.

It should be clear by now that ladyboys are widely, socially and culturally accepted in Thailand and especially Bangkok is very tolerant if you compare it with the rest of the world. I think I’ve never seen them being so well blended in the society as in Bangkok. There were just so many of them, walking around with their girlfriends or handsome boyfriends.

When in Bangkok, it’s not done to miss the Patpong area. It’s sort of an open-air Red Light District where you will find yourself in one of the most strange spots you’ve been so far. Walking down the famous street, you’ll be passing by rows of beautiful young girls who are waiting to be picked by customers. And even this is like a huge show; they’re dressed up like sexy stewardesses, nurses, police, etc. with many ladyboys in between. One time we witnessed “the act” where a foreign big belly bastard came and picked out a very cute girl who was a bit nervous (doubting if she was even 18) and when he took her upstairs in a building, it really gave us a bad feeling.

Another weird thing is that you will be approached by many middle aged Asian men and women to visit Ping Pong Shows. Don’t know what that is? Google it! I freaked out when I heard what it meant. Apparently anything is possible in Bangkok!

Ping Pong Shows and far too old European men engaging with far too young and beautiful Asian women, these are one of the down sides of Bangkok unfortunately. But there are enough other reasons to visit Bangkok! It’s vibrant, lively and modern with yet so many beautiful old temples around. People are super friendly and you’ll hardly find a Thai without a smile 🙂 Still not convinced? Check out our photo and video diary.

*Disclaimer by Farhang: It’s actually made up by Mursal, but I just give her a go with things she likes to laugh about. Honestly I couldn’t distinguish about 10% of the ladyboys and some of them really were beautiful, I admit. Just some advise for the guys when visiting Bangkok: whenever you see a girl wearing too much make-up with far too sexy clothing it’s a ladyboy until proven otherwise. Good luck  🙂

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