Stroll Around In Mountain Village Abyaneh

The next day the guesthouse called another taxidriver to bring us to the busstation since we wanted to go to Esfahan. After some chitchat with the taxidriver about Abyaneh, we decided to go there first anyway since it was on the way. The taxidriver offered to be our guide there which was really nice. The alleys of Abyaneh are lovely and its people are amazing! You will encounter only old people sitting on the sides of the alleys trying to sell typical persian snacks or handicrafts. Our guide told us that they don’t have financial problems actually since their children send them money from abroad and they’ve chosen themselves to live there on their own. It’s a very peaceful, clean and small village where everyone knows each other. The air is not poluted at all since it is built on a higher altitude. We chatted a bit with some villagers and asked whether we could take some pictures on which most of them happily agreed. We loved Abyaneh and were so happy we didn’t skip it before going to Esfahan! The taxidriver said it would be unnecessary to go back to Kashan to get the bus from there and suggested to drop us off near the highway where buses pass towards Esfahan. He would help us getting one bus to stop. He did warn us that the highway is next to Natanz Nuclear area so we definitely shouldn’t take any pictures. After waiting a while two police officers came by to control what was going on and why we were standing over there. I got a bit anxious but after seeing they were very friendly and smiling the whole time while asking some regular questions (origine, purpose of visiting Iran, whether we had taken pictures, etc. ) and checking our passports I got relaxed again. They let us wait for the bus and got occupied with some other Persian people who DID make pictures with the Natanz Nuclear area as background. Not a smart move because they got in trouble. The taxidriver told us that this was the reason he didn’t want to let us wait alone because of the regular police control and he would be worried. He was so nice! Two buses towards Esfahan passed but both were full. Since we were not sure we were going to catch a bus and we were taking so much time of the taxidriver (he refused to let us wait alone), we decided to go back to Kashan after all to at least be sure we would catch the last bus. So we drove back to Kashan and got ourselves bustickets for 8.30 pm (which was indeed the last bus)! There was still some time left so we decided to eat together with the taxidriver and insisted to pay his dinner since he had been with us the whole day. After that he dropped us off at the busstation, taking his goodbyes and we were finally on our way to our next destination: Esfahan! We arrived there three hours later and got ourselves a cab to our hotel. The end of another awesome day full of new knowledge and experiences <3

Recommendation? Yes please! You wouldn’t want to miss this beautiful old village full of cute elderly people who are just eager to meet foreigners with who they can chat about life. Just go.

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