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5 Travel Hacks to make you travel as much as possible with as little as possible

When I was 12 years old, I heard this story about that if you would work more than 50 years at a MARS chocolate factory, you would get an all-inclusive world trip as a gift. I was amazed by this story (not only about the chocolate factory) and was determined to travel the world one day. A couple of months ago I turned 29, I have spent the last 2 years on the road, seen numerous countries with awesome experiences…

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Food for Thoughts Happy life Tips & Tricks

5 Ultimate Travel Tips

1. Don’t be afraid to travel to somewhere unknown: you won’t be in the middle of nowhere. If other people live there, you can manage as well. Of course the standards differ, but it’s not the end of the world. If you really really really find yourself in the middle of nowhere (with non-english speaking locals in the middle of a jungle or a desert), it’s a safe thought knowing you will always be around one day away from civilization.…

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Iran Tips & Tricks

Visa For Iran & Other Experiences

Money: Rial/Toman Daybudget (25 euro pp) There are three ways of getting a visa for your entrance in Iran (with a Dutch passport): 1. Download and fill out an application form from the website of Iranian Consulate. Send or drop by all the required paperwork, including your passport, passport photo (women need to have their hair covered on it), proof of travel insurance, host or hotelbooking, your returnticket from Iran, money and other necessities to the Consulate to get your…

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Armenia Tips & Tricks

Armenia & Experiences

Money: Dram Visa (Dutch passport): no visa required Daybudget: 30 euros (pp) Since Armenia was just a stop for us to fix our visa for Iran and rest for a while, we didn’t have intentions to actually visit other places except Yerevan. Since we were there for only a week, we didn’t really got to know the Armenian people, their culture or food. So here is just a short sum-up of things we noticed during our 1-week stay. 1. The rumour is…

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Georgia Tips & Tricks

Georgia & Experiences

Money: Lari Visum (Dutch passport): no visum required Daybudget: 30 euros (pp) Transportation The main public transportation in Tbilisi are buses, metro and marshrutkas which are minibuses. The minibuses are not only widely used in the city itself, but is also the main transportation to other cities/regions in Georgia. The distances are not that great, so it is doable. If such minibuses drove in Holland, there would probably be space for only 12 people. But since we’re talking about Georgian…

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Tips & Tricks Turkey

Turkey & Experiences!

Money: Lira Visa (Dutch passport): On arrival for 25 euros or fixed online beforehand for 15 euros Daybudget: 30 euros (pp) Transportation Turkey is really well-developed and this is also the case for infrastructure and transportation possibilities. Getting around in Turkey is best done by buses. The bus transportation is perfectly organised from one city to the other which is definitely not only the case for short distance travels. It is safe, convenient and cheap, especially when it’s a ‘short’ busride…

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