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Why I Stopped Becoming a Doctor

Seconds before I would stop my career in becoming a medical doctor

Awesome Worldtrip is about more than only our travel experiences, it’s about a lifestyle we pursue. From leaving everything behind and start travelling the world to settling down on the other side of the planet. It’s about the choices we make to live our lives differently and stay close to our true selves. The picture above is taken five years ago. I was standing in the bathroom of a large hospital where I was doing my medical internship. I was…

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10 Reasons To Visit Seoul

1. Meet incredibly nice locals. I think it’s safe to say that Koreans are one of the most polite, well-mannered and friendliest people in Asia!  And they seriously look like perfect dolls walking around the streets. Who cares if many…

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India: a Story of Love and Hate

It’s true what everyone says: ‘India is a country you love and hate at the same time.’ It’s a country of bright colours, rich culture, amazing food and adventure, but also a country of pollution, big crowds, rip-offs and…